Saturday, 17 December 2011

Happy Birthday 2 me..:))

Happy bsday 2 me,,
happy bsday 2 me,,
happy besday 2 nina..
happy bsday 2 nur amanina bt zahari..
hello,,ckup la umo
ak 17 thun..HAHA..sabtu,17.12.2011..
Thanks kpd sume hk wish bsday ak..
thanks a lot..
actually agak sdih la sbb x celebrate
bsday ak..:(..
besa2 pn nk clebrate jgakk ker??erkkkk!!
kdg2 rndu nk smbut bsday mcm zmn bdak2
kcik..ade kek,,ade belon..
rndu kok nk smbut bsday yg cmnie..:(

ececece..sweet kea??
n my wishes 4 my bsday dis year:

# i hope all my dreams n wishes
come true..
# may dis day always be a special
one 2 remember..
# May the best of my past be the
worst of my future.
(i hope so..amin..#insyallah#)

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