Friday, 23 March 2012

Dear You..

SATU HARI nanti kau akan
MENANGIS untuk aku
seperti aku menangis
untuk kau,

SATU HARI nanti kau akan
MERINDUI aku seperti aku
merindui kau,

SATU HARI nanti kau akan
MEMERLUKAN aku seperti
aku memerlukan kau,

SATU HARI nanti kau akan
tak mungkin mencintai lagi

Allah selalu ada untukku,
untukmu, dan untuk kita
semua ~ Alhamdulillah! :)

* I'm moving on. No more waiting, no more hurt. If you wanted me, you could've had me, but you didn't. You blew your chance.

* My heart told me that you're changed. And I realise that. :']

* DearYou, thanks for the scars that you've made.

* Dear you, please do not appear in my life if you intend not to stay forever. I just dont need you. Sincerely, tired of heartbroken.

* Don't tell you love me, if you actually don't..

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