Sunday, 22 April 2012

Can u be my friends 4ever??

We don't need a thousand friends to be happy, few is enough as long as they accept and believe us of who we are!
Dear my beloved friends..promise wit me..promise dat u will stay wit me..u always there when i need u the most..can?? yess,,its mean FOREVER..Tolong jgn TINGGALKAN sy.. Tiada saat yg lebih BAHAGIA melainkan bersama SAHABAT.. TERIMA KASIH kerana selalu ade tyme ak ssh atau senang.. TERIMA KASIH kerana buat aku bahagia KAWAN.. Aku selalu ade bile2 mase kau perlukan aku.. Dan aku x kan TINGGALKAN kawan2 ak.. I love all my friend.. *KHAS UTK SMUA KWN2 KU..*

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